Conservation Ranger - Ref 1203


Conservation Ranger

Description of Duties

The role of the Conservation Ranger at North Creake works as part of the Althorp Estate Rural Team in support of the estate’s overall aim to rebuild, maintain and improve the natural value of the land through sustainable land management and the development of natural systems for environmental conservation. The role holder will implement and deliver North Creake’s transition to a sustainable, organic wild shoot that supports intelligent farming practices, use of conservation mixes and bird covers and vermin control. The Conservation Ranger role at North Creake is essential to ensure the Rural Team works towards and meets its targets and ambitions across all of Althorp Estate’s land and environmental interests.

· Working with, and taking instruction from, Althorp Estate’s Head Keeper, deliver the estate’s strategy for the wild shoot, ensuring alignment with sustainability and conservation goals;

· Oversee the conservation mixes and bird covers;

· Deliver the bird breeding programme to enhance the wild shoot authenticity;

· Deliver habitat management to enhance biodiversity and natural ecosystems;

· Implement effective vermin control strategies, ensuring the ecological balance of the estate;

· Build and maintain positive relationships with the shooting and non-shooting communities, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment;

· Escort Lord Spencer, and any other family members, on early morning or late evening stalking, as requested;

· Respond to and deliver any instructions and work requests from Lord and Lady Spencer, and any other family members;

· Assist with practical conservation projects, (e.g. field trials, hedgerows, wildflowers, wetlands, wildlife), as requested and be responsible for recording data on the Natural Capital Software programme;

· Work with North Creake’s agricultural business partners and carry out specific tasks, such as crop walking, to provide information, as requested;

· Liaise with Althorp Estate office (Northamptonshire), for all procurement requirements of the role;

· Attend quarterly team meetings at Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire.

Salary and benefits information available on request.

Please send a CV and covering letter to to apply for this position.

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