Term & Conditions

Rural Recruits acts as a Recruitment Agency, the Agency agrees to use reasonable endeavors to introduce Work Seekers to Employers in respect of vacancies.

Rural Recruits aims to assure that the Work Seeker has the experience, training and qualifications which are required to consider them for any vacancy ensuring the Work Seeker complies with the law or by the requirements of any professional body to carry out the work.

Work Seekers are encouraged only to give accurate information to Rural Recruits however proof of certification may be required before employment commences.

Rural Recruits will inform the Employer without delay if they find out that the Work Seeker is or may be unsuitable to perform that assignment.

When making a request for the provision of a Work Seeker to perform certain services, the Employer will give Rural Recruits details of the date on which the Employer requires the Work Seeker to commence work and the duration, or likely duration, of the work. It is also required that the information of the position, location, hours likely to be worked and health and safety requirements.

If the position which the Employer seeks to fill involves working with or caring for any person under the age or 18, the elderly, infirm or anyone in need of care and attention it must be brought to our attention before a suitable Work Seeker can be submitted.

In the event of an applicant being considered for this type of placement proof of certification and experience will be required.

The Employer confirms that they are aware of all legal or professional body requirements which either the Employer or the Work Seeker have to satisfy in order to enable the Work Seeker to work for the Employer.

The Work Seeker must provide accurate details of their skills, qualifications, expertise and personal information. This enables both Rural Recruits and Employer to make the right decision when considering an Work Seeker for any position.

Fees between the Employer and Rural Recruits will be agreed on quotation and invoiced accordingly. No increase in the fees payable under this agreement by the Employer to Rural Recruits may be made without the Employer's prior written consent. Any sums payable by the Employer under this agreement which remain outstanding after the agreed date for payment will be liable of interest.

In the event of the Employer not being satisfied with an Work Seeker they have the right to review the position with Rural Recruits within a 30-day period which may involve replacing an Work Seeker. A refund will be issued if no other suitable Work Seekers are available, this only applies for full time vacancies

Rural Recruits will endeavor to replace any unsatisfactory part time or seasonal Work Seeker with notice of no longer than seven days. A refund will be issued if no further suitable candidates become available.

In the event of an Employer withdrawing or filling a part time or seasonal vacancy out with Rural Recruits after the initial agreement Rural Recruits will invoice a £45.00 administration fee to the Employer.

Rural Recruits keeps the right to cancel on any agreement with the Employer with immediate effect.

As a Recruitment Company Rural Recruits processes personal data in relation to work and individual Employer contacts. It is vitally important that we abide by the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. We take the time and care to insure the data is possessed and stored fairly and lawfully, with any information stored as accurately safely as possible. The recruitment and selection process necessarily involves an Employer in collecting and using information about Work Seekers. Much of this information is personal in nature and can affect a Work Seeker’s privacy. The Act helps to strike a balance between the Employer’s needs and the Work Seeker’s right to respect for his/her private life.

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