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Looking for a Gamekeeping job on a country estate? Whether it's a new full time position, an opportunity to help you gain valuable hands-on practical experience, or if you are striving to further your existing career, RURAL RECRUITS can help.

We offer a wide range of employment positions throughout the sector, especially Game Keeping, Deer Stalking, Fishing, Estate Maintenance, Lodge Staff or Agriculture. Registration is FREE with no additional hidden costs. All information submitted by you and stored on our database is 100% confidential and is not accessible by employers or any other third party.

Simply send us an email mail@ruralrecruits.co.uk with your requirements and all job opportunities that arise, you will receive emails of current vacancies.

Trainees looking for work

David Cambell

Borders college

campbell-david@outlook.com 07531 906832

Matthew Hawley

College: Potentially Lackham College, Wiltshire. Looking in the Oxfordshire or Wiltshire area

07967769993 or 07982029956 (wife) Preferred area. Lauren.Hawley@da.mod.uk

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