Sandricourt French Estate looks for a UK headkeeper and an underkeeper - Ref 687

Domaine de Sandricourt. Amblainville. 50 km North Paris

Sandricourt French Estate looks for a UK headkeeper and an underkeeper

Estate description :

Domaine de Sandricourt. Amblainville. 50 km North Paris, near highway 16.

Sandricourt is known to be by far the best shooting french Estate since ages and works as english traditional pheasant management with 3 keepers.

The Estate, 5 312 acres is split in different areas, depending on habitat management and game species :

  • 1 pheasant area – 1 235 acres, fenced
  • 30% woodland, 30% blackcurrant, 30% crops and pastures, 10% game crops.
  • 9 quality pheasants pens 4m high and 5 acres each. 8 steep pheasants drives
  • 17 000 pheasant bought at 10 weeks.
  • Grey partridges area – 3 040 acres Natural Grey partridges + summer release.

80% crops, 10% woodland, 10% game crops in 15m strips + hedges.

- Big games area - 914 acres (wild boar, roe deer)

The Estate has quality paths and all the top quality equipment needed including Defender, pick up, SSV, quad, tractors, trials for the beatters, mechanical digger, grass and shrub crusher, grain sprayer, pesticide sprayer, water tank, grain trial, silos, feeders, drinkers, thermal binoculars and scopes…

We shoot one day per week between october and januaray : 4 grey partridges driven days in October, 13 high pheasants driven days between November and January. Then 8 small days for pheasants in February. 2 driven days for big games (wild boar and roe deer) from December to January.

Job description for the keepers :

  • Management of 2 game keepers and 1 trainee for the head keeper
  • Dogs and kennel care
  • Define and order game crops plan (game crops are done by the farm workers)
  • Electrical wire care to protect game crops and pens
  • Define and order material needs
  • Material maintenance
  • Habitat management
  • Feed birds, give water and vet
  • Pest control (mainly fox and crows)
  • Pens management
  • Pheasant / partridges release in August and management
  • Dogging in
  • Wild boar and roe deer culling. About 100 wild boars and 50 roe deers per year (culling + 2 driven days)
  • Venison management (paté and smoked venison with subcontractors)
  • Manage the shooting days

Conditions :

Very good salary and accomodation : House + electricity + heater + local tax + culling bonus + tips

To apply please send your cv

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